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Drinking Bottles

Flaska Drinking Bottles

Plastic animal drinking bottles for cages or hutches. Can be attached to cage suspended from cage with a string. Non spill metal ball included inside spout of flaska, double ball bearing design. Wire clip included inside bottle.

Description Size Code Barcode
50ml Box of 24 FLA50 5415341001916
100ml Box of 18 FLA100 5415341001923
250ml Box of 12 FLA250 5415341001947
450ml Box of 12 FLA450 5415341001992
600ml Box of 8 FLA600 5415341002012

Glass Drinking Bottles

Clips into cage with retractable spring cable and is non spill.  Made from recycled glass.  Measurements labelled on the sides. Leak proof with water level indicator inside.

Size Code Barcode
175ml GLA175 5415341002104
350ml GLA350 5415341002159
750ml GLA750 5415341002166