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Cat Furniture

Scratching is essential for cats, to sharpen claws, stretch and mark their territory. Tip: make sure your scratcher is placed in an area where your cat spends most of his/her time (not hidden away in a corner).

ETNA (Brown)

Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT01 30 x 30 x 27 cm 6953182709466

ELBRUS (Grey/Brown)

Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT02 40 x 30 x 50 cm 6953182709473

FUJI (Brown/Ivory)

Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT07 60 x 40 x 68 cm 6953182709541

ARARAT (Brown/Ivory)

Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT03 33 x 33 x 50 cm 6953182709565

Cat Scratchers

Catnip is a natural stimulant for cats. Our cat scratchers come with a sachet of catnip. These scratchers are ideal to help fulfill the natural instinct of scratching, instead of scratching your favourite couch. Made from corrugated paper and recyclable.


Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT05 45 x 19.5 x 13 cm 6953182709329


Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT06 35 x 35 x 10 cm 6953182709398


Code Dimensions Barcode
CAT04 60 x 40 x 68 cm 6953182709541