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Training Pads & Accessories

Having a puppy in the house is a real adventure. These puppy pads encourage puppies to urinate on the pads.  Puppy pads are the perfect size for training your puppy or for dogs with special needs. Pads are super absorbent. This ensures that your floors, couches and carpets are not ruined by urinary stains. The pads absorb the urination and can be discarded immediately, ensuring no smell is left behind.

Puppy Training Pads

  Available in 45cm x 60cm pads. 15, 30 or 50 in a pack.

Description Code Dimensions Barcode
Pack of 15 – white PTP15 45 x 60 cm 5415341001077
Pack of 30 – white PTP30 45 x 60 cm 5415341005754
Pack of 50 – white PTP50 45 x 60 cm 5415341005761

Carbon Training Pads

Read here about Carbon Technology

Description Code Dimensions Barcode
Pack of 25 – grey CTP25 45 x 60 cm 5415341005822

Training Pad Holder

Our Training Pads Holder ensures that your floors stay as good as new.  Silicone holder with corner grips keeps puppy pad in place, preventing your puppy from transporting the pad around the house. Normal as well as carbon training pads fit into this holder. Leak-proof and easy to clean.

Description Code Dimensions Barcode
Silicone Holder – white PPH 45 x 60 cm 5415341001138