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Katz Menu Young makes sure your kitten gets the nutrients it needs for proper development and growth.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM01 5411860802195
2kg KM02 5411860802201
7,5kg KM03 5411860802683


Katz Menu Flavour guarantees perfect harmony between flavour and balanced composition of the feed.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM03 5411860802218
2kg KM04 5411860802225
7,5kg KM06 5411860802676


Katz Menu Fitness contains a mix of high-energy pellets which allow your cat to stay active all day long.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM05 5411860802232
2kg KM06 5411860802249
7,5kg KM09 5411860802690


Katz Menu Housecat is a balanced diet aimed at cats who spend most of their time indoors.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM07 5411860802256
2kg KM08 5411860802263
7,5kg KM012 5411860802690


Katz Menu Sterilized helps sterilized and neutered cats with weight disorders or urinary tract problems.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM11 5411860804007
2kg KM12 5411860804021
7,5kg KM15 5411860806407


Katz Menu Oldies was developed especially for older cats, and takes into account their changing nutritional needs.

Weight Code Barcode
400g KM09 5411860802270
2kg KM10 5411860802287